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Moving the family (internet style)

I am moving this site over to a permanent domain

It will take me a few days to get it all sorted out, until then new post will arrive here as usual. I will let everyone know when the transition is complete.

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Day One Eighty Nine

Each night just as I say my last goodnight to Luke he says:

OK, I have a few small things to ask. 
One, please leave the door open just a crack (to which he makes a visual indication with his hands). Two, please leave a glass of milk in the fridge (which he never drinks) and for the last few nights he has also asked to have a small glass at his bedside to put his loose tooth in case it falls out in the night.

Tonight, there was a small change,

One and two were the same, but three was

“And a small bowl in case I want to throw up”

Very well, Luke, a small bowl it is.

Day One Eighty Eight

We had rain in May! I feel like it has never happened in the years I have lived in LA, but the data proved me wrong. Los Angeles actually gets .25 inches of rain on average in the month of May.

Lily has already grown out of her first rain boots, so she gets to wear Luke’s first rain boots and along with an old jacket of his, she is pretty much all Luke in this photo.2015Mayuntitled-3 Her sickness seems to have just hung in there and she was glad to vomit all over our bedding again, and that’s just fine. But this time it means a trip to the Dr, just ot make sure that nothing unusual is going on, and there isn’t. But she loved the pedialyte-pops so much she had two!2015Mayuntitled-3-2 Meanwhile we had been meaning to pick up one of these neato balance beams from IKEA, and of course it was an instant hit. Part chair, part couch, part rocket ship.2015Mayuntitled-14

Day One Eighty Seven

I do not wish to dwell on it, but Luke got sick last night and produced more vomit than I thought would be possible for a human being his size.

So we had a major sick day today, hard to keep it all light and airy when I did laundry from 8am to 6pm straight. He got sick first in our big bed and then later in the night in his bed. Every sheet, pillowcase, comforter, was in a pile on the back porch and the chunky bits were cleaned before mommy and me went back to bed. Fun-o-rama.

2015-05-11 16.22.572015-05-11 16.23.06I did my best the keep my foggy wits about me and we spent the day looking at the street asphalters redoing a perfectly good street and building a Delta 4 rocket built for two.

2015-05-11 10.05.342015-05-11 14.12.40  It was a night to remember for sure.

Day One Eighty Six

2015Mayuntitled-40 Lily Apple Cline turns 2!

Happy birthday to Lil. She may wear the clothes of a four year old, but our lil just turned two!

After dropping Luke off at school we had date and had milk and donuts on a bench.2015Mayuntitled-33

2015Mayuntitled-34Had a great day and she thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

There is a banner hanging over the fireplace that says “Happy Birthday” and every time we would mentioned her birthday, she would run to the banner, point at it adroitly, then throws on her new “2” cape, climbs into her now rocking chair and smiles, smiles, smiles.

2015Mayuntitled-84Owl cake by mom was also a giant oreo cookie in disguise, win win for Lil!

Late in the day she took a face plant off the outdoor couch onto the coffee table and got a fat lip the size of Alaska.

But she still keeps smiling!

Day One Eighty Five

This is really a snippet of what needs to be a longer post, or possible a book.

Luke’s interest, availability and need to make things, imaginative playful things is growing rapidly. I am doing my darndest to give him room to grow in that area. Not to have stuff ready for him to make, but to try and create environments that let his imaginative skill set flourish. which, in reality that is not hard to do.

He has been working on a Delta 5 rocket ship for about a week. It continues to evolve and grow. It now has a communication system, and some other stuff that I have no idea what it does, but sounds really cool. And, it is built for two!

2015-05-11 14.12.40

2015Mayuntitled-19I am pretty excited and happy about the crane arm I built into Luke’s construction area. It was a few weeks for me to figure out how to make it and get all the parts, but as soon as it was available it was in use and he is currently building a house that he says is the same size as ours, but has a second story. So far most of the foundation is done, but he says he will be needing a lot more wood.Luke's Crane 5.20152015-05-12 11.53.07He has also asked to use my hand tools enough so that I figured it was time for him to have his own toolbox, which we gave him on Lily’s birthday. He knows about it and he asked if there will be a saw?

I hesitated on the saw, cause I was afraid what he might start sawing, (see this wonderful academy award winning short to stress my point)

I kinda hesitated when he asked and said, well, what are you going to saw with it.

“Why, wood of course!”

OK, he gets a saw.