Day One Seventy Nine


I have a relationship with my floor. It all has to do with how clean it is and the maniacal way in which I will do almost anything to preserve it cleanliness.

It is a total love hate relationship and I feel so petty having to admit it here. But I know I am not alone in this  thought process? I imagine most people enjoy a clean floor and most people with kids also know that a clean floor is a fleeting whimsical moment in time, a brief respite from the grime and grunge if child rearing. (it’s not all that bad Hank)

So I like to keep that feeling alive as long as possible, who wouldn’t. The sparky feeling on your feet as you walk around on a clean kitchen floor, the knowledge that you can have “one more meal” before getting back on your hands and knees to undo whatever has  befallen from the yungins.

It’s all transitory and ephemeral, and perhaps I spend way too much time thinking and acting on the concept of a clean floor that can last more than 24 hours? Come on, live in the moment, dirt is fun!

But I am human and have faults, hang ups, etc.  My children on the other hand are human and just want to have fun!


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