Day one Sixty Four

Another smashing image courtesy of Lily Apple Cline

2015-03-16 10.02.23

I has been so long since I have felt both kids were well enough to head out to the Museum of Science via the Expo Line Metro. Luke was giddy with excitement every step of the way, just arriving in Culver City and parking was a huge happy adventure.2015-03-16 10.38.19


We stayed longer than ever, since Lily is not napping anymore (did I happen to mention that our 22 month old has decided to do away with her nap?), I was not too concerned about the time and just when I would have normally said lets head home, we ran into one of Luke school mates and thus spend the next hour and a half running around playing tackle under neath the Space Shuttle Endeavor, much to the ever so pleasant and patient security guards chagrin.

2015-03-16 13.11.28


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