Day One Twenty Six

After school I did what I have often said I would not do, is have a impromptu play date. I showed up missing my kids and feeling like, “whatever they want to do, let’s do it!”, so when I was confronted with not only going on a playdate, but also pretty much inviting ourselves onto someone elses playdate. This was fine as it turned out, pretty much the entire boy gang from Luke school was going to one house, the friend in questions mom of course said yes.

My only caveat was getting some food into Luke first, which I did, Blue roof, burger and vanilla shake. Perfect snack before a play date that was pretty hectic.

2015-01-21 15.46.37

Lily went absolutely kooky for the “grumpy stuffed kitty” and the stroller. She went up and down the halls non stop for at least thirty minutes.

2015-01-21 15.16.32 2015-01-21 15.09.27

Just chillin’

2015-01-21 15.07.24


Oh, and they pulled a freakin’ bouncy house out the garage. Talk about getting amped up!

One of the four boys started running and leaping into the opening after yelling out “Get out of my way, I am coming through”. Then all four boys were doing it and each time backing up a little father until they were actually starting inside the house.



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