Day One Twenty Eight

2015-01-23 11.56.57 HDR

We had a long planned weekend up to Big Bear Lake to experience some winter fun with a bunch of people from Luke’s school. I spent the entire day trying to pack warm weather gear, food and my guitar into the car so we could leave as soon as Mommy got home (early) from work.

I was so tired from the night before because Lily has taken and continues to, wake up pretty much five, six, seven times a night crying, but often does not really want anything. I mean she asked for a new bottle and she has probably chucked her umma out for the crib (another chapter in the umma saga is unfolding as we speak)

So, I was really fried, like coming home from the hospital with a newborn friend. I started to have a pretty hard time about it all when I realized I was not getting anything done in the five hours I had to prepare until I just decided to have a restart, take a shower (something I only due every other day if I am lucky) and realize that there was nothing else I had to do. All I have to do is get ready to go, so what it take five hours, big deal, right?

It helped a lot and almost prepared for the four plus hour drive to Big Bear which is only seventy three miles away, but Thats another story.


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