Day Ninety Six

Sad to see mom go this morning. For me, not the kids. We had some friends over for supper last night and it was really fun, even though one of the kids cracked his head good on the corner of Luke’s bed. First proper meal prepared in the new kitchen and it was a very good experience I must say.

Second breakfast went great when. KETCHUP was introduced the our standard pasta and eggs.

Trip to the old Bruder Truck Store is the morning adventure, which was supposed to be followed by some Pho until Luke realized that we did not have any shoes.





Bruder is a German owned company. The truck store has lots of nice Christmassy things on display. They are also playing slightly atonal and a little bit sad solo piano music. So it all reminds me of a Bergman film and therefore it is perfectly appropriate that my kids have no shoes on.

Late afternoon Pho. Glorious, we are the only ones in the restaurant and the kids are eating themselves into a pan Asian coma.



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