Day Sixty Seven

2014-10-15 07.56.16The day started with a roar, Luke proclaiming that “He Was Ironman!”

Now, what is interesting about this is that for better or worse, we do not have any media outlets in our house at the moment, we subscribe to the idea (for better or worse) that television, movies, video games, etc, are really too much for a brain until a certain understanding of the world sets in that historically happens when a child is around seven. We are not setting the clock and seven year old and when Luke is ready I will be happy to take him to a movie, but for now the only outlet to the galaxy of superheroes is school and the playground.

But that sure seems to be enough because pretty much every week Luke talks about Batman, or Spider-Man (he wants to be Spider-Man) for Halloween, Captain America, and now Ironman. It is amazing the power of the super hero and since I believe wholeheartedly in the works of Joseph Campbell on the topic of the hero and the human psyche, it is just all the more amazing to see it all unfold in your own front yard. Oh and lets not overlook the fact that I will one day be able to say:

“Luke, I AM your father”


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