Day Sixty Four

It’s either feast or famine at our house regarding remodel work. Yesterday there was two people at the house, today it seemed like two dozen.

That’s neither here nor there, just seems very hectic when there are so many people around.

Right now I am sitting dead still in traffic because the president just landed at Santa Monica airport about 1000 feet from the street back from Luke’s school. Oh well, time stops for no one, but you sure are gonna wait when the pres is nearby.

Here is a photo of proud Luke with a very cool Lego fire engine he brought to school today.



Lilly is at home sleeping, her first nap in four days. She is definitely going through some growth/developmental stuff. Seems to be much more aware of where mom and dad are, or are not. This mornings goodbye to mom was the most difficult one we had Ina few weeks. More on that subject as it unfolds.

And what about this.



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