Mommy Days

Were a blur. Lilly got sick again and the remodeling is just getting to the point where I am kind of done with it. Frustrating, etc. More of the same. Also I feel like every time my broken ribs feel better, I try to do something that involves working my back and I set myself back (sic) a few days. Oh, and on top of that I am sick as well. A very odd, subtle sickness, just a little nauseous, queasy, feel great in the morning and then it is down here from there kind of sickness. OK, this is WAY too much about me.

We went to the Dr’s office on Friday, Lilly found the secret stash of lollipops and Dr would not give her one (too little), he is pretty old school about that stuff. Lukes comment was, “But she already knows how to crack one in half with her teeth?”

Dr. prescribed an inhaled mist for Luke, says there is some gunk in his lungs either do to residual sickness or perhaps all the debris that is swimming around our house. He also recommended getting a air purifier asap. Amazon Prime to the rescue!

2014-09-19 14.42.02


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