Day Forty Four

All slept in, what a rare and wonderful feeling. Let’s plan on a great day!

Turned out well, after school went to the swimming pool, the hardest part is that Luke is such an adventurous swimmer, it is fun to just play with him, but Lil is only 16 months old, so she has to be kept at very close range, especially since she is a fearless, go getting, lets do this, kinda gal, which is becoming more apparent every day.

Afterwards we went to California Pizza Kitchen for supper, which was fine, Lilly really handled her food well, eating with her hands, a spoon and a fork. I go by how much is left on the floor (i am a good tipper FYI) and she really is amazing for her age I believe. When she was done she pushed her plate away very forcefully, almost careening off the oppostie end of the table, the woman next to us was like “Whoa”, she means business, and she does, oh for sure she does.

2014-09-11 13.48.58


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