Day Eight

2014-07-16 09.39.52 2014-07-16 09.44.03

No time to post, full day. Went to do some errands in the morning, picked up copies of our kitchen remodel drawings, had amazing coffee at Bar 9 Collective. Met with a contractor at Lily’s nap time and off to the Santa Monica Swim Center.

It was amazing to see the difference with Lily at the Swim Center, we have been going to the MarVista Pool a lot, but the shallow end is three feet and basically Lily has to be held all the time in the water. Se he seemed a bit indifferent to the whole thing.

Cut to the SMSC, which has a shallow end with very shallow steps ending in like one foot of water. She was on fire. Refused to be held and spent Thirty minutes sitting on the top step, then standing upright, getting that crazed look in her eyes and then leaping forward into my arms. Stressful for Dad, but an awful lot of fun as well.


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