Day Four

Already missed a day. I was home almost all day long yesterday and was unable to find time to post, a sure sign of things to come. We had a playdate with one of Luke’s school friends, a boy that Luke gets along with very well. There was one period when they were both screeching at the top of their lungs dinosaur roars and running as fast as possible around the house. It struck me how interesting it is that certain behavior is all right in the playdate that I don’t think I could tolerate if I were home alone? Perhaps that is confusing for the child??

The send off for mom in the morning was better, but the post dinner mom at home time was still pretty wound up. Both kids just cant seem to get to sleep, again, I guess it is to be expected.

Here is a small idea of how closely linked Luke and Lil are. A small game Luke’s calls liftoff.


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