Day Five



Big afternoon. Swim lesson with three kids in the car and then sushi making at home. I’ll report back later if I can.

Food is on my mind. It is all so confusing and often frustrating. Right now Luke does not really eat much variety, pasta is the default. Sometimes he seems to thoroughly enjoy a hamburger, a smoothie, even Chinese food made by me, and other times nada. Of course Lil is being very experimental. She will put anything in her mouth and wants whatever Luke is having FOR SURE, but not that much gets into her belly. So, yogurt, cottage cheese, squeezers, formula, milk make her day.

What I am realizing today is that fighting the food war is ultimately a bad idea. No matter what happens, the process of eating needs to be filled with love, fun, and a sense of ease, not tension. Therefore I am of opting a new policy, they can have anything they want (within reason) as long as they get food in their bellies.

I must remember that when I was young I ate nothing but hamburgers and French fries, and now I will put virtually anything in my mouth, in a good way.


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